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Autumn 1

In our first few weeks at school; the children will be settling in and learning the different routines. We will be talking about how to respect our school and keep safe around school. The children will be choosing lots of different jobs and making lots of new friends. 



We have started talking about our key question for the term:


Can you be the same and different at the same time? Is it OK to be different?


This will be discussed through stories and a range of activities that celebrate our similarities and differences.


The children have been painting and drawing their self portraits, making sure they included all of the different features on their faces. 

Some children have been learning how to use Purple Mash on the iPads. They have created their face using a paint programme. 

We have read ‘The Colour Monster’ and saw how the colour monster changed colour when he felt a certain way.



The children drew some colour monsters in one colour. Can you guess how their colour monsters’ were feeling? 


During maths, we have been looking at the 2D shapes and their properties. The children have been making shape pictures during job time. 

To continue with our shape learning; we read a story all about a circle




 Using only circles, the children then made some shape monsters!

The children have been experimenting with using different tools with paint. 

The children experimented with making lines and patterns in paint on the table.