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Autumn 1

In our first few weeks at school; the children will be settling in and learning the different routines. We will be talking about how to respect our school and keep safe around school. The children will be choosing lots of different jobs and making lots of new friends. 



Rights Respecting School


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Article 15 Every child has the right to choose their own friends.


In reception we have  been learning about friendship and how to be kind to others. The children drew a picture of their friend and explained why they like their friend. We discussed what makes a good friend and how we can respect our right. We also made friendship cards and posted them to our friend's house.


Friendship 1
Friendship 2
Friendship 3
Friendship 4
Friendship 5
Friendship 6
Friendship 7
Friendship 8
Friendship 9
Friendship 10
Friendship 11
Friendship 12
Friendship 13
Friendship 14
Friendship 15
Friendship 16

Article 29 - Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full.


The parents in reception shared their hopes and dreams. They discussed with their children what they want to be in the future. Some parents chose to write in their home language.