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Autumn 1

In our first few weeks at school; the children will be settling in and learning the different routines. We will be talking about how to respect our school and keep safe around school. The children will be choosing lots of different jobs and making lots of new friends. 



The children have been exploring paint on the table!

They have been using their finger and scrapers to make pictures

 After exploring the paint, the children created different lines using their fingers.

The children have begun their handwriting training! This is all about becoming stronger and having good core muscles and this all comes before holding a pencil!


The children were popping bubbles with 1 finger, trying to push their bottom off the chair just using their hands, playing tummy skittles and doing teddy bear sit ups

Our handwriting training continued inside; we have started out funky fingers and were completing a tightrope challenge, where they couldn't fall off the lines!!

We have been creating some self portraits; the children choose whether they wanted to use felt tip or paint. 

The children visited a local mosque; they looked at the different features and routines of the mosque.


The children made mosques using the magnetic bricks.