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Autumn 2


Our key question for the term is:

    Can you be the same and different at the same time?

Is it OK to be different?

This will be discussed through stories and a range

of activities that celebrate our similarities and                                  differences.

                                Our Rights Respecting focus is ‘Proud to be’.

Celebrating odd sock day 🧦

We have been talking about what bullying 

means by reading a story called ‘Don’t be a bully Billy’.

We discussed being kind and how to be kind.

Have a look at our kindness tree. Some children got their name on a leaf because they did something kind.





We will be talking about how to respect our school, our responsibilities and how to follow the rules. 

This links to the Rights Respecting

Article 2- Every child has the right to be treated fairly, no child should be discriminated against because of their gender, language, religion or disability. 


During this half term, our literacy will involve changing our story to tell, which is the Gingerbread Man. We will be choosing a new setting and some new characters to chase the gingerbread man! We will be using ICT to publish and record our new stories. 

Our engineering also links to the gingerbread story, the children will be experimenting with joining materials and making a house for the gingerbread man. 

The children will be designing and making a boat or a bridge for the gingerbread man. 

Changing our characters in the gingerbread man story

The children will be looking at aspects of keeping safe, which links to our Health and Self Care aspect of our curriculum.



We will be looking at how to be safe on the road and different aspects of road safety. We will also be learning about bonfire safety.

Reception went for a walk around school to take part in the launch of the walk to school challenge. We used our senses to explore our surroundings. We discussed how this made our bodies and ourselves feel.

How did the walk make you feel? 

‘It made me happy because we were going fast.’-Sulaiman 


‘When you do walking you can take deep breathes’- Maimoonah 


‘Walking makes you healthy’ Haniya Z


‘We get to walk around outside and see places we don’t see, and not just being inside’- Ibrahim


‘It made me feel calm because it was nice walking’- Fateha 


During our RE, we will be learning about the mosque. We will be discussing who goes to a mosque, what they look like and what happens inside at mosque.

During our learning about The World, we will be looking at Autumn and the changes that happen during the season. We will be going for a walk around our school grounds to look for signs of autumn and collecting things to help with our learning. The children will be looking at autumn colours and different tones. 


Autumn transient art

Bonfire pastels 🔥

To link with our expressive art and design aspect of the curriculum, the children will be exploring different lines and patterns and recreating these in various different ways.

      During Music, the children will be learning and responding to different styles of music. We will be singing songs and nursery rhymes. We will be playing instruments and performing our music.


Moving to music

Still image for this video

Our RE will be learning about love and charity, which links to Christianity. We will be reading the Papa Panov Story and The Good Samaritan.



We will also be learning about the Nativity story and  how Christians believe that Jesus was sent as a gift from god. We will also be looking at how Christmas is celebrated. We will be doing some Christmas crafts, including making some decorations for the classroom. 


In P.E, we will be travelling like animals, rolling and jumping to create different shapes. We will be performing on apparatus.


Click here to see our amazing P.E work!  

Travelling like a bunny using apparatus.

Still image for this video

Look at the subpages below to see all of the other fantastic things we have been doing in Reception.