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Zak’s eyewitness account - Great job again Zak!

Mehnoor’s History work - George Stephenson

Umar's Fantastic descriptive setting writing based on an image. Well done Umar! 

Zak’s fantastic notes for his plan - This will really help you when you’re writing your additional chapter! Brilliant 👏😀👍⭐️

Ayman’s opposite angles work - Thanks for this Ayman! 😀🙌

Menaal’s opposite angles work - Good application your understanding Menaal. 👌👍

Zak’s opposite angles poster - Great application of your understanding Zak 👍😀

Sidrah’s letter of complaint! I was shaking reading this - TERRIFYING!!

Reem’s planning for her additional chapter - Great Reem! 👏

Essa’s planning for his additional chapter - Well done! 👍

Sumaiya’s planning for her additional chapter - Well done 👏

Essa’s Mangahigh Certificate for work on Angles - Brilliant!

Farhan’s maths work - Identifying Angles

Hafsah’s informal letter - You used a semicolon to separate independent clauses, well done!

Sidrah’s informal letter - A really good try, well gone!

Mehnoor’s informal letter - What an amazing job! 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️😊👏

Zak’s informal letter - Great job Zak 👍🙌⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Essa’s informal letter - Fantastic vocabulary!

Aleesha’s informal letter - Great job!

Zak’s History Work - The World’s First Railway

Menaal’s History work - Liverpool to Manchester Railway

Rumaisa’s division work - I liked seeing your working out, well done!

Mehak’s comparison of settings - Fantastic Mehak!

Essa’s conversation using speech punctuation - Well done Essa!!

Mehnoor’s division work - Great Mehnoor!!