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Week 5


Welcome back to week 5 of your wellbeing!

Mindfulness - Removing negative thinking and improving mental health.

This week watch the videos on positive self-talk, on techniques to help boost your confidence and feel positive about yourself.

During one’s life with its ups and downs, people go many emotions, doubt, uncertainties which impacts on our wellbeing, the way we think, and can behave.

Think about those times when you have questioned your abilities. ‘I am not good with’, ‘I have no confidence’, I can’t do this’ or the times someone said something, triggered anxiety and stress, leaving one questioning self -worth and self - esteem.

Find your sense of calm and peace; learn to love yourself with all your quirks!

Watch the video’s on the link.

What is mindfulness?

What is mindfulness?

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Positive self-talk

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3 tips to boost your confidence

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Meditation for confidence

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