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Week 4

World Mental Health

HELLO to all parents eager to check out wellbeing this week!

10-16 October is World Mental Health Week.  Planned activities will take place around the world to raise awareness of mental health.

The changing world and the environment we are surrounded by, for Example ;- working longer hours, bad diet, rising debt,  relationships,  trauma’s, any of  can play a part in overwhelming us which can be a contributing factor to emotional imbalance.

It’s important that triggers are recognised early, and help and support is sought to manage wellbeing.

We are lucky that mental wellbeing is taken seriously regardless of age and there are lots of information and support available.

This week I have uploaded some short video’s in understanding ‘what is mental health’ and the theme of ‘World mental health’ this year.


World mental health day 2021 video  


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Physical and Mental Health

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Mental Health Awareness

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10 Minute Guided Meditation For Helping Mental Health Problems

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Check out the short guided meditation to help your mental health.


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