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week 3

Wellbeing spring 1 Week 3


Welcome back to Happier January 2022 with the FULL MOON of Cancer up in the sky for those of you who are admirers of the solar systems and its impact on our life. Astrological significance of the full moon is said to act as your emotional compass ruling over your intuition and sense of security.


Spiritually, over decades the moon has been worshiped, seen as brining good luck or omens.


Regardless of folklore and beliefs, the moon is beautiful and mysterious therefore; let’s take the opportunity to make January a time of rest, reflection, a space of nourishing and rejuvenation.


Start the year with happiness and positivity and take the small steps of changes, learning, growing and healing.

Learn to love YOU!

Take the time to watch and listen to the video and relax to the MOON meditation.


10 minutes mindfulness  meditation on Joy, peace, happiness and gratitude.



Meditation joy

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15 minutes guided meditation for releasing stress (Full moon January 2022) Full Moon in Cancer.mp4

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