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Week 3

BEING ACTIVE - Walking and Exercise

October! Early autumn, a time when the weather and scenery changes. Notice the trees around change colour, and get ready to shedding their leaves.

This month you will notice that you too want to put the heating on, wrap up more, and think about staying in and being cosy.

Here is the difference. This week start thinking about being ACTIVE.

 Include 1 energetic activity to get your heart racing, swimming, running, cycling, football etc.

The government recommends 10,000 steps (brisk walking) everyday which supports your physical and mental wellbeing.

Watch the video to see why it’s important to walk and to being active.

10,000 Steps a day

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British heart foundation

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Health notices for October: - NHS StopTober – This month it’s raising awareness of NO SMOKING! Time to join the thousands in QUITING.

Walk to school month.  Give the car a rest, save the environment and start your 10.000 steps with your child/ren. Walking and talking is a great start to building a closer relationship with your child and helps improves their wellbeing.

Look at what happening around your area, maybe you can join a walk group that’s suits your time and ability.

Walking Meditation