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History inspires our pupils to be curious about the past. Through studying history, our pupils develop their understanding of chronology; learning how peoples' lives have shaped Britain and how Britain has been influenced by the wider world and in turn influenced world history. History enables our children to gain an historical perspective, by understanding their place in the world; how their families and community may have been affected by wide world events. They learn to understand connections from the local to the international. Our pupils gain an understanding of historical terms and learn to use these to frame questions which demonstrate an understanding of concepts such as cause and consequence. To promote historical enquiry we ensure that the children have a wide range of experiences.

Year One have enjoyed a trip to Blackburn Museum this term. They have been learning to understand the past through the use of different media. 
Year 6 have been learning about the Industrial Revolution and its lasting impact on the town we live    in, Burnley.

classroom display

The children are demonstrating a growing historical perspective by applying previous understanding. These biographies  present a clear understanding of the  period with connections and contrasts.

Mary Anning

       Year Two are starting their learning about Scott of the Antarctic. 

Scott of the Antarctic

  Year 2 understand the chronology of their own life and  the timeline of Captain Scott's epic expedition.Scott.