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Summer Term 2



Our literacy focuses for this half term will be Folktales from other cultures. We will be immersing ourselves in a variety of folktales - both well-known and unfamiliar – from other cultures in order to plan and write our own. The children will write a fairy tale in the style of Hans Christian Anderson, an author from Denmark who is best remembered for his fairy tales. We will also be continuing the theme of fairy tales across the topic on play scripts.




We will be following the Stoneyholme Maths Scheme and continuing learning Number, Calculation, Statistics, Fractions, Decimals, Measures and Geometry. 

The children must continue to learn their times tables and their division facts regularly as we will be having in class challenges!


Art / Textiles


The children will explore the topic of folktales from other cultures further by creating their own fairy tale puppet. The children will be taught to understand seam allowance, create a simple pattern and understand the need for patterns. The children will then prototype a product using J cloths before joining fabrics using running stitch, over sewing and back stitch.



In Geography, the children will be learning all about Germany. Many folktales originated in Germany, therefore we are using cross curricular links in order to further immerse the children and deepen their understanding. We will be looking at human and physical geography, settlement, land use, economic trade links, as well as identifying key features using maps, atlases and globes.



We have been creating I-Movies of a chosen fairy tale.





In PE the children will be following the curriculum on Athletics.



In PSHE this half term, we will be learning about our feelings and how these change as we grow older.



What a busy and fun filled half term we have planned!!