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Summer Term 1

Healthy Lives

Our Summer 1 topic is ‘Healthy Lives'

Throughout this term, we will be looking how we can live a healthy life. We will be linking lots of our learning across the term to our final Engineering project, to create a special healthy packed lunch. 





Robin Hood

We will begin this term by exploring a range of legends, but our main focus will be learning the interesting story of Robin Hood! A famous outlaw who lived in medieval England. The children will delve straight into the story and use talk for writing to write their own legend! 




In week 4 the children will start to look at our non-fiction topic this term which is writing discussion texts. We will be linking this to our current science learning about animals and humans. The children will get the opportunity to write a discussion text of their own balancing the arguments for and against. The children will develop their knowledge of arguments and view points and use this next term to help them write persuasively. 





Following the Stoneyholme Maths Scheme, we will begin the term exploring number and place value of 3 digit numbers. The children will be taught to partition numbers and find number related calculations for given 3 digit numbers.


In calculation this term the children will be learning to count forwards and backwards in steps of 8. We will also be introducing the column method of addition and subtraction alongside the use of place value counters.


The children will also start to look at mastery problems based on fractions. We will be linking our learning in geometry and measures to our Engineering project.



This term in science the children will investigating humans and animals. We will be investigating our diet and what makes a good balanced diet. We will also explore nutrition and where humans and animals get their food from. Year 3 children will also set up their own scientific investigation. Check out our STEAM page to see our taste testing and adventures! 



In geography Year 3 will be comparing Lancashire with another county. Linking our geography to our English, the children will be learning to compare Lancashire with Nottinghamshire, home of Robin Hood. The children will have the opportunity to learn about maps and compasses along the way developing their field skills work. The children will explore the similarities and differences of Nottinghamshire and Lancashire, investigating the human and physical features of both counties. 





We will learn about healthy eating and a balanced diet. We are looking forward to following recipes and cooking different foods this half term. We will be using our knowledge of plants and produce to design and create our own healthy packed lunch. We will also compare the diet of people now with people in the past.