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Spring Term 2


This term the children in Year 3 will be using the book Cloudland to help write narrative descriptions. The children will be exploring a range of new and exciting adjectives, verbs and adverbs to include in their writing. In our grammar lessons, children will also be exploring how to use strong adjectives to enhance their writing. We will also be revising speech and how to use inverted commas (speech marks) to punctuate dialogue. 




This term in maths, the children will be developing skills learnt in the previous terms. We will be working with larger numbers up to 1000. Using our enquiry skills, the children will be applying their learning now more in class investigating and problem solving using previously taught skills. 


We will also be learning some new concepts. In geometry we will be learning how to identify a right angle. We will also investigate how many right angles we can find around school and the grounds. We will also be learning to calculate and solve problems using exchange and missing number problems. 



The children in year 3 will be learning all about different types of land. The children will recap their previous learning about human and physical features of land, including new areas such as coastal regions. We will learn about our county of Lancashire and how our town Burnley has neighbouring towns and cities. The children will also have the opportunity to make comparisons with Lancashire and other neighbouring counties! 


Water Cycle 

The children will also be introduced to the Water Cycle. The children will explore rivers, mountains and the water cycle as well as learning new vocabulary. 



Our favourite subject here in year 3! This term, the children will be investigating the use of Magnets and Forces. In year 3, the children learn their science through enquiry (asking questions) and by working scientifically to carry out a number of investigations. We will be investigating forces and magnets, how they work and why they are here! We can't wait to update our STEAM page with all our fantastic work! 


ICT and Art

This term we will be combining our ICT and Art skills together to create something special using digital media. Linking our learning together this term, we will be creating abstract images using digital media working with Microsoft Paint. Using Paint we will select our own images of Lancashire and develop them into a work of art, creating a new and exciting land based on our writing. The children will develop the ability to use airburshing and brush tools as well as select and edit content.