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Spring Term 1

Stone Age Man!


This term our topic will be Stone Age Man. In Year 3 the children will be exploring what life for the Stone Age people was like. The children will be making links this term as we explore Stone Age life across our rich curriculum. 

English Writing


Recounts (diaries and letters)

We will start the term by looking at letters and diaries. The children will be immersed in different types of recounts, including newspaper articles, diaries and letters. Our aim this term is to write a diary entry from the point of view of a Stone Age child. To inspire our writing we will be reading lots of different types of recounts and also the story UG. 




This term the children in Y3 will also be looking at writing their own Myth about how Stone Age people viewed the world before scientific reasoning was given. 





This term, the children in Year 3 will be learning how to add and subtract using place value. We will solve problems using our prior learning. We will be learning how to use different measures and consolidate our learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be introducing right angles during our outside learning opportunities. 






This term the children will be developing their scientific knowledge of rocks, fossils and soils. We will be learning through enquiry and practical activities. Year 3 will be taking a trip to Cliffe Castle to take part in a Rocks and Fossils Workshop. 


3C will be visiting Cliffe Castle on the Tuesday 30th January 2018.

3W will be visiting  Cliffe Castle on the Wednesday 31st January 2018. 



The internet is an important tool we all use. Year 3 will start to explore using the internet to find information, remembering that not all information is true. Year 3 will be using their problem solving skills as well as their research skills to answer specific questions based on what they want to know about Stone Age people. 




Year 3 are going to be designing and making pots based on those found from the Stone Age. Children will need to conduct research into pots from the Neolithic period and design a pot to fit a purpose. Children will then use clay to make their pots. 



We have been using paints to create different textures for stone. We have also been mixing colours, to make various shades of rock. The children will create a Cave Drawing, similar to those found from the Stone Age. 



We will be applying our learning in measures to design a pot to hold a specific capacity.