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Autumn Term 2

Light and Shadows


This term most of our learning will be based around Light and Shadows. 




Explanation Texts

At the start of the term the children will be reading, analysing, evaluating, developing and planning to write their own explanation text linked to our scientific learning about how a shadow is formed. 


Roald Dahl

Starting in week 4, the children will be reading and learning stories by children's author Roald Dahl. They will be exploring narratives through their writing and reading lessons in school. The children will learn and innovate a story through talk for writing. They will write their own stories and retell them using shadow puppets investigated in science, art and engineering lessons. 



We will begin our term again by revising place value of numbers to 1000. The children will be learning to read, write, order, compare numbers to 1000. We will continue to use place value counters to support our learning in place value and calculation.  Later in the term we will also be learning and revisiting measuring time, learning to read and tell the time to 5 past the hour. The children will also be using their knowledge of bar charts, pictograms, tallying and representing data to help them plot graphs from our science investigations this term. 



In science we will be working scientifically to investigate light and shadows. The children will be learning about and investigating; darkness, light, sources of light, shadows and how shadows are formed. The children will also have the opportunity to take part in planning and carrying out their own scientific investigations. 



In art the children will be developing their knowledge through science to create artistic representations of shadows and light. In the first week of the term we will be using photography to record and capture shadows. In the second week of term they will develop these photographs into art work entitled "Me and my shadow" (watch this space for pictures!) By week three the children will then be developing their drawing skills by creating drawings and pictures using ICT and their drawing techniques to improve the images of shadows they took in week 1. Watch this space for pictures of our artwork! 


Engineering and Design 

From week 4, the children will begin a very exciting project linked to our storytelling and science for this term. They will begin to develop and gather information to create their own shadow puppet show, creating their own puppets, movements using linkages and leavers.