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Summer Term 2

Raising Aspirations


Throughout this half term we will be focusing our learning around writing for different purposes. We will have the opportunity to use the language features of different genres, imitating authors who write both formally and informally using a range of higher-level vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. 


In Science, we will investigate electricity so we can explain how the number of volts in a circuit affect the brigthness of a lamp, giving reasons why some components work and others don't and drawing circuit diagrams to represent our findings.


We will be carrying out a local area study, combining our map reading skills in Geography and our inquiry skills in History to gain a deeper understanding of changes that have occurred in and around Stoneyholme over the past 150 years.


Job Junction

This half term, we will be thinking carefully about our future and the transition we are about to embark on when we move into the next stage of education. We will be taking part in a programme in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire called Job Junction, which aims to revolutionise careers and opportunities for all young people in education.


The programme supports primary schools in facilitating an age-appropriate, interactive careers-led learning environment and opportunities for social interaction with businesses to develop knowledge, logical connections and positive inferences with education and how it will support their future experiences.


Last year, we hosted a Careers Carousel, where we invited members of the community to share with us information about their jobs: the qualities and skills they feel they have; day-to-day tasks as part of their job and the route they took into employment.


The visitors included:

  • A local councillor
  • Pharmacist
  • Student nurse
  • Midwife
  • Probation Officers
  • Accountant
  • Apprentice accountant
  • Chef
  • Personal banker
  • Aid worker
  • Design engineering manager
  • Bio-medical scientists


It was a great success and we learned a lot about different types of employment opportunities available in the future. This is what we thought.

"We really enjoyed it as it gave us the opportunity to learn about jobs we have never heard of."

"There was a wide range of jobs. I liked going round to each person in small groups as it gave me the chance to ask questions."

This is what some of the visitors said.

"It's been extremely enjoyable."

"It has been an absolute pleasure. It's been a real privilege to come and speak to the children and broaden their horizons. I've enjoyed coming back to my primary school for this."


In ICT, we will be using Movie maker to create a Movie.

The skills we will be learning are:

  • importing pictures, videos and music;
  • trimming of video clips;
  • adding visual effects;
  • adding transition and animated effects;
  • and adding music to video files.