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Summer Term 2

During Summer – Term 2, our theme will be a history based topic, ‘Ancient Egypt’. We are looking forward to follow in the footsteps of Howard Carter and discover the magic in this wonderful period of world history.



We will cover a lot during this half term through fiction, persuasion and recount writing. The ancient Egyptians will be an amazing and intriguing focus for our writing.  



This half term, we will be revising mathematical concepts including; number and place value, calculation, measurement, fractions and decimals, statistics and geometry.



In science, we will be studying properties and changes of materials. We will lead scientific enquires surrounding changes of state, reversible and irreversible changes and materials for specific purposes.



Our history theme will allow us to understand the lives of the ancient Egyptians. We will study their lives through primary and secondary sources to build a picture of this intriguing period of history.