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Spring Term 2


During Book Week, Year 6 had a workshop with Sue Allonby- a local storyteller. They learned  a traditional story (one which was not familiar to them); practised the skills of storytelling (so creative vocabulary, concentration, memory and oral retelling); then they performed the story to years three, four and five during assembly.

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6R- Storytelling-Book Week

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During this half term, we will be concentrating our studies on Charles Darwin and evolution. We will have the opportunity to develop many science skills such as understanding changes over time (the Earth and living things); explain how fossils can help us find out about the past; and investigating how animals and plants have adapted to their environment throughout time.


So far, the children have been involved in simulating the Earth's changes over time-from its ice age to present day. They made great predictions; asked lots of scientific questions; and then discussed what they thought had happened explaining why.  

As part of National Science Week 2017, children planned and carried out lots of investigations linked with evolution. They had lots of fun using different objects to represent birds' beaks in a race to 'eat' the most amount of food in a given time. This was an exciting way of learning about the survival of the fittest. Children then shared this activity with parents in the Science Fayre. In order to learn about inheritance, children investigated ways of developing new colours by mixing paint. This also gave them an opportunity to develop their mathematical understanding of ratio and proportion.

Science Investigations

As part of our learning in Maths, we have been calculating the volume of cubes. Using multi-link cubes has been lots of fun and has helped us to understand visual representations of shapes.

Volume of cubes