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Spring Term 2

Science Fiction

Throughout this half term, we will be further developing our reading and writing skills in Literacy. We will be focusing on the genre science fiction and basing our learning around the Eurydice Project and War of The Worlds by H.G.Wells.

During this unit, we will be writing for a range of formal purposes, which will involve journalistic writing. The children will write a news broadcast to inform the public that the Comet Eurydice will imminently impact with Earth. They will be working in role as news reporters to create the broadcast, thinking about their choice of language; appropriate vocabulary to the context; and sentences for effect. The children will then use our radio station to broadcast the news around Stoneyholme. Stay tuned for transmission...

DT-3D Materials

By the end of the term, we will be expecting an alien invasion in Year 6! The children will be using recycled materials to create their own spaceships. Stay tuned to await the arrival...


During this half term, we will be concentrating our studies on Charles Darwin and evolution. We will have the opportunity to develop many science skills such as understanding changes over time (the Earth and living things); explain how fossils can help us find out about the past; and investigating how animals and plants have adapted to their environment throughout time.