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Spring Term 2

Robinson Crusoe


When his ship is destroyed at sea, Robinson Crusoe is the only survivor. Washed ashore on a desert island, he builds a shelter, hunts for food, and learns to fend for himself. After years of solitude, Crusoe discovers he may not be alone after all. Who else is on the island, and will Crusoe ever make his way back home?




This term, the children have been using the text 'Robinson Crusoe' to develop their reading skills. They have already compared Robinson Crusoe to Kensuke's Kingdom to help them predict what will happen in the story; summarised chapters by looking for the main ideas; and commented on characters' thoughts, feelings and actions with justifications. Take a look at some of the work so far.






The children will continue to work at a greater depth in number and non-number skills. Some of this work will be linked to our topic and other subjects.


Ask the children the strategies they should use to help them with:

calculating  fractions

calculating percentages

calculating whole numbers and decimals by compensating


As part of the children's learning in understanding religions, the children have been looking at how milestones are celebrated in the Hindu faith; the four stages of life that a Hindu will experience; and the importance of Moksha. They have also had the opportunity to visit the Gujarat Hindu Temple to learn more about Hindu worship and meditation.

Take a look at the visit below.