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Family Liaison

Family Liaison

Stoneyholme Community Primary School is not only there for children's educational needs and support but for parents and family too. We believe that in order to get the best from your child at school, we all need to work in partnership. English may not be the first language for a lot of our families and parenting differs from family to family. We want to help upskill the parents and carers to support their children to the best of their abilities.

We therefore run a number of highly popular courses for adults at Stoneyholme School. If you are interested in any of the following, please contact Kuky Jalil on 01282 437190, or as stated.

ESOL Pre-entry / Phonics

ESOL at a very basic level suitable for people who have little English or have just arrived from abroad to settle in the UK. You will learn how to read and write your personal details, how to ring up your GP, go shopping and other such basic life skills that are required on a daily basis.                 

Places are limited, therefore needs to be pre-booked please contact Rupali Begum or Kuky Jalil.

Parent Partnership (currently postponed)
The aim of this course is to improve the partnership between parents and school so that ALL children have the best opportunities available.  The course helps children to become powerful learners, promoting an understanding of how important social and emotional education is in order to achieve this.                                                     

It is a 6 week programme held every Thursday for parents with children in Reception. We will look at different strategies and techniques of dealing with your child’s behaviour, alongside play ideas which can easily be used in the home. It is very interactive and fun; children and parents find it very enjoyable. Please contact Kuky Jalil or Luanne Galawan at school if you are  interested.


Parent Volunteers

We have a number of parent volunteers working at school as welfare assistants, teaching assistants, etc. supporting the staff at school as well as gaining experience of working in a school environment for their own personal development.

  Many of our volunteers have gone on to gain further qualifications or employment as a result of the skills and confidence acquired through this aspect of our work.  In order to give the best possible support to our volunteers numbers are limited, however if this is an area of interest for you please contact Kuky Jalil.


Volunteer Training Programme

​A 4 week programme for adults wanting to go on to be a volunteer working with children. You will be trained on confidentiality, commitment, safeguarding, your roles and responsibilities, as well as receiving a CRB. All of which prepare you to work as a volunteer with children.
Due to the high levels of interest in the course we work on a first come serve basis. If you are interested please contact Kuky Jalil at school.



Courses coming soon

- Entry Level 1, 2 & 3 ESOL and Life in the UK

 If you feel there is support needed in an area not already catered for, please contact school with your suggestions.  If we are able to offer support we will do so, alternatively, we will be able to signpost different services or organisations that will be able to meet your needs.