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Autumn Term 2

During Autumn - Term 2, our theme will be ‘The Amazon Rainforest’. Throughout the term, we will be researching information based around the Amazon Rainforest and will write a balance argument about the effects of deforestation.



In our English lessons, we will be looking at deforestation and its effects on the Earth. We will research arguments both ‘for’ and ‘against’ deforestation and write a discussion text about this. When we have written our balanced arguments, we will publish them as a tri-fold information leaflet in our ICT lessons.



This half term, we will be revising mathematical concepts including; number and place value, calculation, measurement, fractions and decimals, statistics and geometry.


Engineering (STEAM)

Our engineering project will be to design and assemble clocks. We will identify famous landmarks from around the world to inspire our designs. We will also use these clocks within our maths and geography lessons by looking at different time zones from around the world.



We will be busy researching aspects of geography this half term. We will be researching North and South America by using books, videos, maps, aerial photography and internet searches. We will look at human and physical influences of different areas around the Americas and make comparisons between these.



During art lessons, we will be studying the work of Henri Rousseau. We will create a collaborative piece of art in pairs, trying to incorporate the style of the artist in his famous jungle art.





Jungle Art

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Year 5 Rainforest Arts

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