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Autumn Term 2

In the trenches


This half term, we will be focusing our work around World War 1.  There will be many exciting opportunities to develop a deep understanding of life in Britain around the time of the Great War. We will be writing letters home to loved ones, reading poems written by soldiers, recording radio broadcasts to share news and experience what it was like to wear the uniforms from the British Army.


As part of our learning, Tempus Fugit Educational Theatre group will be visiting our school. The children will be engaging with a performance centred around life as a soldier during World War One.

Tempus Fugit Educational Theatre Group

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As part of our annual, charitable efforts, we will be working with the Royal British Legion to sell poppies throughout the school to raise money to help the families of injured soldiers.

As part of our learning in Literacy and History, we will be learning about WW1 to coincide with Armistice Day in November. We will also develop our understanding of imagery through water colour and reading poems written during WW1.

In Science, we have been carrying out investigations to embed our inquiry skills. We have planned our own fair test experiments. We have also been applying our language of comparison when recording our findings.

What will happen when mixing bicarbonate of soda with different liquids?

Engineers of the future

This half term we are combining our learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to create poppies. We have begun to identify problems, explore and gather information and create solutions. As part of our learning, we have revised our sewing skills including using the running and back stitch to join fabric and create layers. We are constantly evaluating our work and redesigning our product, using equipment to measure accurately. At the end of our process, we will write an overall evaluation stating what worked and what problems we encountered, how we solved them and how we will improve our work in future.


Take a look at the pictures below to see our work in progress.


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