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Autumn Term 1


During maths lessons in Autumn 1, we practised the following:

  • Place value skills including: comparing and ordering numbers, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000; and finding the value of digits in numbers. 
  • Adding and subtracting up to 4 digit numbers using the formal written method. 
  • Multiplying and dividing up to 3 digit numbers using the formal written method. 
  • Identifying 3D shapes and describing 3D shapes; working out their names, faces, edges and vertices. 
  • Identifying and measuring acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles. 
  • Measuring and calculating the area and perimeter of polygons and rectilinear shapes. 





In Autumn 1, we read the famous novel 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. We analysed the text by looking at characterisation, the development of settings and revised the features of a narrative text. We completed the topic by writing our own short stories based on the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.


We are now moving on in literacy and are learning about Explanation texts. We are linking this to our topic of Space! 


This term the children will be learning about the Solar System as part of their science unit. We will discuss and explore the amazing facts about the solar system, the sun, moon and the planets.


We started by looking at the order of the planets relative to the Sun. We have recently investigated the distances of the planets in our Solar System relative to the Sun. 


We had an amazing time, travelling through the solar system during our 'Virtual Reality' workshop! 





So far this term the children have been looking at developing their shading, sketching and printing skills. Using the illustrations from Alice in Wonderland by John Tenniel as inspiration, we learnt about the invention of the printing press to mass produce illustrations for books. 

Taking inspiration from Tenniel's drawings, the children then used shading techniques to develop their own character. The children used their character to create a printing block of their own.