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Autumn Term 1

Kensuke's Kingdom


Throughout this half-term, we have been focusing our learning around Michael Morpurgo's Kensuke's Kingdom. We have had the opportunity to develop many skills in Geography and Maths including map reading using precise grid references, compass directions and population figures. The children have also written a discussion text, a letter and a non-chronological report themed around the text. 


Please take a look at our adventures this half-term.


Below is the first two paragraphs, taken from Kensuke's Kingdom, that the children studied, activating background knowledge and making predictions about the text.


"I disappeared on the night before my twelfth birthday.  July 28 1988. Only now can I at last tell the whole extraordinary story.  Kensuke made me promise that I would say nothing, nothing at all, until at least ten years had passed.  It was almost the last thing he said to me.  I promised, and because of that I have had to live out a lie.  I could let sleeping lies sleep on, but more than ten years have passed now.  I have done school, done collage, and had time to think.  I owe it to my family and to my friends, all of whom I have deceived for so long, to tell the truth about my long disappearance, about how I lived to come back from the dead.

But there is another reason for speaking out now, a far, far better.  Kensuke was a great man, a good man, and he was my friend.  I want the world to know him as I knew him."

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This half term, we have linked our reading of Kensuke’s Kingdom with the geography of Japan. We have also strengthened our skills of colour mixing through water colour and learned about the ancient poetic form of writing, when writing haikus.


When Michael and his family were travelling around the world, they used maps and a compass to help them navigate to different places across the globe.

   Just like Michael, the children have developed their understanding of positions and directions with a compass and how to read maps. They used their compass knowledge to work out where places are positioned on maps, within the local area and the wider world. Afterwards, they became cartographers and began to map out the human and physical features of the school grounds using the scale 1cm: 2m.

Year 6- Mapping the School Grounds

                                       HOTHERSALL LODGE

Year 6's residential trip to Hothersall Lodge was a huge success. ALL children learned lots of new skills and showed great determination and perseverance with everything that was planned for them. The children participated in the following activities: canoeing, archery, mountain biking, orienteering at Beacon Fell, climbing, abseiling and zip-lining.

PSHCE- Body Image

This term, Year 6 have been working with an outside agent on body image. They have been building a positive attitude towards their own and other's appearances; learning about stereotypes and fat discrimination; how it is important to look at someone's actions and personality rather than appearance; and learning how to compliment others as well as accepting compliments.  

Eco School- Let's Talk Rubbbish!

At the start of the term, Year 6 worked with Burnley Borough Council to help clean up the local area. The children went out in groups to pick up litter around Stoneyholme. Their hard work really paid off and a lot of rubbish was collected!