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Reception and Year 1

Welcome to your quest.


Listen to the story of Elmer.



With your family go on a nature hunt, draw pictures of what you can see.

You can take photographs too.

Can you see any patterns?

We can see patterns in the windows, in the pathways, in the leaves and flowers.

Now draw a large picture of an animal or insect and then draw lines up and down and across so it looks like it is covered in squares. Look at Elmer below to see what we mean. You can draw your own animal or use the ideas below.


Now colour in the squares. 


What patterns can you make?


Can you use just 3 colours?


Challenge – a square next to another square must be a different colour.


If you complete this activity you will get a pass.



Now design and make a craft butterfly with colour / symmetry with different materials to give to someone special.


Who will you give yours too.


If you design a lovely picture of a butterfly and the animal picture, you will get a merit.


If you design and make your butterfly and the animal picture, you will get a distinction.



Send photographs to Mrs Pickup or Miss Wallace of all your work.

We are excited to see your wonderful creations.