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Years 2 and 3

Welcome to your quest.


First, read, watch and enjoy the extracts below.


All the Roald Dahl extracts have been chosen because colour and pattern is very important in the stories.


You are going to work on colour and pattern.

We have 3 activities for you. If you complete 1 you will get a pass. If you complete 2 you will get a merit and if you complete 3 you will get a distinction. Good luck.


Activity 1

Go for a walk around the area with your family. What patterns can you see round you? It is surprising where you can see patterns.

next look at your food packets and bottles. What patterns can you see there?

Now you'll need to research patterns, colours and sequence of sweet wrappers, bottles and bird feathers.


Record your findings by drawing pictures or taking photographs.


Activity 2

Roald Dahl Challenge.


Can you solve these two Roald Dahl problems?






Activity 3


Let's get creative.


Design and make a dream catcher with patterns and sequences with different materials to put in to your homes or share with others.


Take photographs of your work and send them via email on Purple Mash to Miss Wallace and Mrs Pickup.