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Year 6 Teacher A

Dear Year 6 pupils


I am writing to you to explain a little bit about myself before we all meet again in September, in Year 6! 


I have now worked at Stoneyholme Primary School for 8 years and have taught different year groups ranging from Year 3 to Year 6. I love working at our school and can't wait to get back to normal when we're all back together in September. 


I live in Rawtenstall in the Rossendale Valley - it's where you have been during your Enrichment activity at Ski Rossendale. I live in a terraced house with my wife, three children and dog - Millie (16), Oliver (13), Jack (11) and Mo the dog (2). Walking on the hills with Mo around Rossendale is one of my favourite pass times - he can walk for miles and miles! Occasionally, he likes to run off the lead, but I have to be careful because he loves chasing after sheep!! 


At home, we all watch football together and sometimes get lucky enough to see our favourite team live - Liverpool Football Club! Can you guess where Mo got his name from? I also enjoy texting Mrs Davison, especially when Liverpool are playing her beloved Manchester City, although this is only when Liverpool are winning of course!! laugh


I also love going on holiday with my family and friends around the UK in our van. We have visited many different places and enjoy finding a great beach to spend the day at. Some of our favourite places to visit are Scotland, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. We especially have a good time when the sun is shining - which is often not the case when you holiday in the UK! Next week, we are going to South Wales and so far, fingers crossed, the weather looks like it might be sunny! 


Take care everyone and I will see you at some point this week when I knock on your door for a quick chat!



Walking with my brother

Liverpool Football Club

Millie, Oliver and Jack in Dorset