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Year 3

Shadow Puppet Theatres


In Autumn Term 2, the children in Year 3 created their own Shadow Puppet Theatres. In groups of 5, the children researched, planned and designed their own puppet theatre and puppets to tell their own story.


The children made links with their scientific enquiry, exploring light and shadows. The children were able to carry out their own investigations, examining how they could make the most effective Puppet Theatre. The children worked extremely hard this term. Below are just some of the amazing learning we have done. 


Stone Age Pots


In Spring Term 1, year 3 began to explore our exciting new topic, Stone Age Britain. Our enquiry this term is: What might a Stone Age Pot be made for? 


The children have been researching Stone Age Pots and artwork. We have been doing lots of observational drawing of Stone Age pots, as well as exploring Neolithic Cave Art. The children have produced some extremely talented pieces of artwork, including designing their own cave paintings. By doing this we have explored texture and mixing different colours of paint using the primary colours. 


The children will now begin to design and make their own Stone Age Pots. The children will then evaluate their pot and decide if their pot was fit for its intended purpose.  

A Healthy Snack 


During Summer Term 1, the children will be researching and designing their own healthy snack to take with them on a picnic to Towneley Park. The children will research healthy snack options by taking a trip to our local ASDA. They will choose what they want to try and purchase it. Finally the children will taste test their options and use their research to design their own healthy snack!