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Year 2


Read each of the books. Click on the web link to find the book.

Complete the activity on Purple Mash for each one.

Go to the Letter to Tromso 2Do on Purple Mash.


Write a letter to Tromso thanking him for saving the people.

Go to the Animals on the Plains 2Do on Purple Mash.


Choose a background for your picture, then use clipart or the drawing tool to make pictures of the animals that would be found on the plains of Africa.



Can you make a list of words that could be used in a poem about a wedding?


Go to the My words for a wedding poem 2Do on Purple Mash. Write your word list. 


Go to the Book Review 2Do on Purple Mash.


Draw a picture, then follow the instructions to complete the other boxes by typing into them. You will need to complete one and hand it in, then repeat 2 more times.


Go to the Letter to my Teacher 2Do on Purple Mash.


Write a letter to your teacher telling them which book you liked best and why.