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Tuesday 2nd June

L.C: To write descriptions using adjectives, similes and adverbials. 


Our story for the next two weeks is

The Secret Garden. 


Yesterday, we looked at the picture of a girl who was about to enter a mysterious place. 


What did you think was behind the door or gate?

Now you know the title of the story, have you worked out what was there?

Last year, Mrs Harper went to a show that had the most beautiful gardens.


All of the gardens you can see below were created by different schools.

Children your age designed and built these gardens. 


The visitors then had a very important task...

...they had to judge which was the best garden.


This was very difficult as they were all AMAZING! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

 I need your help.


How can we judge these amazing gardens to come up with just 1 winner?


What categories could we use?

  • most interesting
  • best theme
  • attracts most wildlife
  • most clever
  • most unusual
  • most mysterious
  • most colourful

Have a look at the photographs and decide which 1 or 2 categories will you choose?


Now choose your favourite one or two gardens:

1. Moth cottage garden

2. Peacock butterfly garden

3. Tree garden

4. Bug hotel garden

5. Froghopper garden

6. Anansi spider garden


Use your judging criteria to write a description about why it is one of your favourites.


Here is an example:

I have chosen a different garden to the ones above as an example 

This garden is called Shield bug


My judging criteria

1. Most mysterious.

2. Attracts most wildlife. 


First I need to check 

Does the Shield Bug garden match my judging criteria?

It has mystery and it attracts wildlife


Next, I am going to explain my judgement by describing the garden.


Entering the garden, surrounded by a vast array of colourful plants, some tall and twisty others low and crawling along the flower like a caterpillar, there's plenty of places for tiny creatures. Hidden within the planting of hot pink cosmos and twining, green ivy is a dark mysterious iron gate. I wonder what could be behind it?

I can see the words Smith Barracks above the entrance but cannot make out the first word.  The beautiful flowers attract flying insects such as buzzing bees and lovely ladybirds and hiding under the silvering wooden planters there could be woodlice, slimy slugs and wiggling worms.


This amazing garden has very interesting and mysterious design features, with plenty of flowers and hiding places to attract all kinds of wildlife and therefore meets my judging criteria. 


If you notice I have colour coded all the different grammar structures that have been used:


Fronted adverbials, for when  or where

simile - like or as 

alliteration - words beginning with the same sound -  slimy slugs

adjectives- describing the noun


prepositions - under, behind, within


Your Task 


In your exercise book write the date and learning challenge.



  • Choose 1 or 2 of your favourite gardens
  • Decide on your judging criteria. 
  • Make sure your gardens meet the judging criteria you have chosen. 
  • Write a detailed description about the garden using the features above.
  • At the end say how the gardens meet your judging criteria 
  • Use my example above if you need help


If you have chosen 2 gardens, write a description for both and then decide which is your favourite out of the two and why. 


Once you have finished take a picture of your work and email it to your class teacher Mrs Harper or Miss Hall on Purple Mash, so we can see your super work and we will see which garden is the winner!