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Friday 22nd May, 2020

LC: To write an additional chapter to a story using the correct narrative features.




Make sure you are familiar with the text: The Abominables.

If not, go to Friday’s reading lesson and read the text again.


Today, you are going to plan and write your own chapter of what you think will happen next in the story.

Things to think about…

What will happen to Lucy?       

Where will she end up?       

Will anybody (humans) see her?   

What will Agatha and the family do when they wake up?                Will they go after her?        

Are they all in danger?


Plan your chapter first before writing. Use the grid below to help:


My Plan

Chapter name




Where does Lucy sleepwalk? Does she wake up and realise where she is?



Back at home (in the morning)

When do Agatha and the yetis discover Lucy is missing?




What does Agatha and the yetis decide to do? As they search for Lucy, does anything happen?



Does Lucy return or do they have to save her? What happens?



How does the story end? Will Lucy change her ways? Will Agatha do something different so it doesn’t happen again?


When you are ready to write your story, log onto Purple Mash and click onto the 2do: Storybook.


Your story should look like a chapter in a book so Miss Hall and Mrs Harper expect a good and detailed chapter over a few pages. You can then add pictures.  


Narrative skills we want to see in your writing:

Use the past tense.

(were/was, had/had been etc.)

Use a range of sentence structures-

(complex, statement, question, exclamation sentences)

Opening paragraph that combines setting and character

(noun phrases can be used)

Develop settings and characters through vocabulary choice

(use words that create humour, suspense or an atmosphere)


Fronted adverbials for ‘When’ and ‘Where’ and adverb starters

At dawn, Near the house, cautiously, quickly, soon


Paragraphs to organise ideas


Full range of punctuation to indicate direct speech    “  ”    ?    !    .    ,