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Wednesday 20th May, 2020

LC: To write a character description using a model to help.




In chapter 2, we are introduced to a family of yetis: the father, Lucy, Clarence, Ambrose, Grandma and Uncle Otto.  


Here is the character description of Lucy:


Lucy's little problem was food. She really loved eating. All day one could hear Lucy wandering up and down the valley saying "Sorry," before she cropped a mouthful of grass or, "Sorry, tree," before she chewed up a a branch. The result of this, of course, was that she became very fat, and the hair on her stomach looked as though it was growing on an enormous kettledrum. Because her stomach was always full, Lucy slept badly. Or rather she slept all right but she walked in her sleep. When you heard a terrible crash or a fearful rumbling noise in the mountains of Nanvi Dar, it wasn't necessarily a rock fall or an avalanche. It was just as likely to be Lucy falling over a tree stump as she blundered with unseeing eyes out of her bed. 


Character theme (It is clear Lucy loves food.)

Description through comparing

noun phrase

Complex sentences

Your Task


Today, you are going to create another member of the family, using the Lucy description model to help you. 


You will have to think about your yeti's name, appearance and personality. 


Remember to pick a theme that really shows your character.

Use comparisons, complex sentences and noun phrases to describe your yeti. 


Write your character description in your exercise book under the date and learning challenge.