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Tuesday 19th May, 2020

LC: To plan and write a newspaper recount.


Make sure you have read Chapter 1: Kidnap before starting this task (go to Tuesday’s reading lesson.)



Today, you are going to write a newspaper recount independently. You will have to apply everything you have learned over the past few weeks on Newspaper Recounts - think about Flying Toads Toured the Town and the hybrid animal work to help you.

Your Task

Plan out and write a newspaper report from the day that Agatha disappeared.


Use the plan to help you.


Pattern- Newspaper Recount

My New Newspaper Recount Plan

Who is your report about?

What has happened?

When did it happen?

Where did it happen?





Essential information- what happened in detail.



(Who was there at the time of the disappearance?

What were they doing?)

Essential information-



Eyewitness account-


People who saw the event gives their eyewitness account (direct and/or reported speech)


Eyewitness account-


Extra information-

Tells the reader additional information about the event.

Extra information-



Explains what is happening after the event.



When you are happy with your plan, it is time to write your newspaper recount.

Remember a newspaper recount needs:


a headline

(Is it catchy? You could use alliteration)

a picture

Orientation: an introductory paragraph that briefly includes the Who, What, When, Where

Use the past tense and third person

(he, she, it or they)

Put the information in chronological (time) order – use language of sequencing

(Firstly… because/however/therefore/after a while/meanwhile/ in addition…Next…Then… Finally/Eventually/Lastly…)

A quote from an eyewitness (maybe Agatha’s father)

Write in columns

Log onto Purple Mash and complete your 2Do: Blank Newspaper


Remember to check spelling, punctuation and grammar when typing.


Don't forget to hand it in once you are happy with it!