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Today you are going to write the opening to a story featuring your robot.


You will need to include a description of your robot using ideas you have gathered this week. Your story could be about your robot's quest to satisfy their wish - whether it be for a heart, brains, new hands or to become a human.


To help you plan, consider:


Where is your story going to be set?


Will your robot have another character to help them along the way, just as Dorothy helped the Tin Man?


What obstacles might they meet along the way?


Try to include the following in your writing:

  • use an embedded clause - Mr Grimshaw, turning to greet the class, had forgotten about the lock-down. This could also be written using dashes rather than commas for parenthesis.
  • check all punctuation
  • use some dialogue - don't forget correct use of speech punctuation - "Happy Birthday, Mr Barber!" shouted Mr Board-all-day, pulling a party potter. wink
  •  use fronted adverbials - don't forget the comma - Opening his birthday card, an anxious smile washed across Mr Barber's face.