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Warm up

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Warm up

For our warm up today, we are focusing on writing sentences with 'ing' openers. As you can see below, the example sentence is written with the 'ing' opener 'Hoping'.  A comma is then used to separate the 'ing' opening clause from the main clause. I would like to see at least one 'ing' opener in your paragraph today.


Write a sentence with the 'ing' opener 'Worrying'.

Today’s Learning

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Today, we are going to be writing a plan for our own independent story. We will be using a story starter to help us develop ideas for our own story.

Step 1

Look at the picture below. Does this look familiar?


That's right! It is Alice!

Step 2

Read the story starter below. I am referring to this as a story starter because you are going to decide what happens from where this story ends. This will be clearer when you look at the MODEL.

Step 3

Look at the MODEL below. As you can see, on my plan, I have plotted what is going to happen next in my story.


Remember a plan doesn't need to include too much detail. 


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Write your own plan for your independent story. You get to decide what happens next.


Refer to the MODEL when completing your task. It is there to guide you.


You may wish to magpie some ideas.


This task will be sent to you on SEESAW!


Use your wonderful imaginations Year 5!