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Warm up

For our warm up today, we are focusing on writing sentences with fronted adverbials that link ideas across paragraphs. A fronted adverbial tells the reader when, where or how something happens. As you can see below, the sentence tells us something happens 'A few minutes later'. A comma is then used to separate the fronted adverbial from the main clause. I would like to see at least one fronted adverbial in your opening paragraph today.


To help your understanding and using the example sentence to help you, finish off the sentence below which starts with the fronted adverbial 'In the garden'. This tells the reader where something it taking place. Remember your commas to separate your main clause.

Today we are going to be writing the opening paragraph to our own innovated versions of the croquet match. In your opening paragraph today, I would like to see at least one fronted adverbial.

Step 1

Locate your innovated plots that you completed on Tuesday, like the one you can see below. This might be on Seesaw or in your blended learning books. Read through this to remind yourself of the characters that you chose to replace Alice and the Queen of Hearts.


For example: I changed mine to Henry and the King of Clubs.


You WILL need this plan to help you understand the plot when writing your own versions of the croquet match.

Step 2

Read the MODEL below carefully. As you can see, I have highlighted the fronted adverbials in red to help you understand further how they should be written.


The MODEL is here to guide you. You can magpie some information from it but do try and change as much as you can when writing your own opening.


Let the MODEL guide you when using different sentence openers in your writing.


First write the date and LC.


Write the opening paragraph to your own innovated versions of the croquet match.


Remember the story you are writing MUST include your own characters. Try to change as much as you can from the MODEL but use it to help you write different sentence structures.


DO NOT write any further than your OPENING PARAGRAPH.



- Your innovated plans from Tuesday.

- The MODEL to guide you.





Friday 22nd January

LC: To write an opening using fronted adverbials to link events.


In Wonderland,...









Look at the slide below. This is to remind you what different sentence structures you could include in your opening paragraph.

When you have finished your opening paragraph, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW.