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Warm up

Look at the example sentence below. As you can see, the sentence starts with an 'ed' opener. There is a comma to separate the 'ed' opening clause and the main clause. This makes it easier for the reader to read as the sentence makes perfect sense.


For the warm up, add a main clause to 'ed' opening clause that begins with 'Frightened'. Finish off the sentence so it makes perfect sense.

First, practise the story map using the actions you have created to help you remember this part of the story.


Click on the 'Story Map' link below (Rabbit).

Today you are going to be using the croquet match part of the story from Alice in Wonderland (The story map you have just practised). We are going to chunk the plot of this part of the story so we are able to understand what happens throughout. You are going to create you own innovated plans using your own characters. 

Step 1

First, we need to know all about the game of croquet. Watch the video below to help you understand how the game is played. As you watch the video clip, think carefully about how the croquet match we have read about is different.

How to Play Croquet.mp4

Still image for this video

Step 2

Read the text below from the part of the story we have been learning, to remind yourself of the plot. As you read, think how the croquet match in Alice in Wonderland is different to a normal game of croquet.




What is the pitch like?
What is used for hoops?

What is used for mallets?

What is used for balls?

Step 3

On the slide below are ideas to help you when you are changing element of your story. 


1. You will need to choose a name for your young character and decide whether it'll be a boy or a girl.


2. Choose who your royal character will be. Look at the options below. Your royal character must link to playing cards like 'The Queen of Hearts'.


3. Choose what human or animals are going to replace hoops, mallets and balls. Choose from the examples below or think of your own.

Step 4

Look at the model below. This has been completed to help you.


Look how the main character has changed to a boy and he is called Henry. What will your main character be called? Is it a boy or girl?


Look how the royal character has been changed to King of Clubs. What will your royal character be called?


Finally, look how the hoops have been changed to teachers bent double, mallets are penguins heads and rolled up hamsters are balls. What will your hoops be? What will your mallets be? What will your balls be?


Create a new plot with what you have changed.


Remember to use your own chosen main and royal characters. 


Remember to use your own chosen equipment for the game of croquet.


Use the MODEL as guidance is you are unsure what you need to change. You are changing everything that has been highlighted in the plan.


The planning grid will be sent to you on SEESAW to complete. Type inside the boxes and remember your punctuation and capital letters to start sentences.