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Warm up

All week we have been focusing on 'ing' openers, so we should have a good understanding of how to start a sentence with this grammatical feature.


For your warm up, choose two of the 'ing' words you can see below and write a sentences for each. Remember the sentence must start with the 'ing' word as it is an 'ing' opener. Don't forget your punctuation t separate the clauses.

Today we are going to be orally retelling the first part of the croquet match from the Alice in Wonderland story. The part of the story we will be focusing on, has been changed so it includes our Year 5 features.

Step 2

Look at the text below. We are going to be orally retelling this part of the story. Read the text carefully because you are going to be learning this through talk for writing using pictures and symbols.


As you read, can you identify our Year 5 grammar features?


ed opener.

ing opener.

simile starter.

expanded noun phrases.

relative clauses.


First, read though the text and match each sentence to the story map, so you know what each symbol represents.


Then, using the text above to help you, create your own actions for the story map below that will help you remember this part of the story.

The story map will be sent to you on SEESAW. So your teacher knows you are learning it, write a comment on the picture saying 'I am learning the story map'.