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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

LC: To write the opening to an innovated folktale story focusing on character and setting.

Opening One 2.wav

Opening Two 2.wav

Writing the opening to your folktale story model

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In the beginning, _________________________________________. The years ___________________________________. However, ___

________________________________________________________.Luckily, __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________. Unfortunately, _______________________. Nothing ____________.

      Within days, _______________________________.  They _____

________________________________________________________. Terrified, ________________________________________________

_______________________________________. In one room of the town hall, _______________________________________________.                                                                          

Instructions for the writing.wav

You can also find a video on how to upload photos of your work onto Seesaw on the main blending learning page under the ‘How to reply to emails on Purple Mash’ video. 

Begin your story opening now in your blending learning exercise book.