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Warm up

Look at the example sentence below first to remind yourself of the grammar focus for this week. As you can see, the relative pronoun has been omitted from the embedded relative clause.


Write the second sentence in your blended learning book and finish off the embedded relative clause with the omitted pronoun. As you can see, it has been started for you.

Today we are going to be exploring the characters in the story so far. You will need to read the story to page 7 so you have a good understanding of the plot and what different traits the characters have.

Step 1

For the model I have used a previous story that we have read in class. As you can see, I have chosen The Legend of Gelert. Today we are going to be focusing on the characters of Alice in Wonderland so I have focused on the characters of Gelert as an example.


For the model/example, I have answered the 4 questions based on the characters of Gelert. Look at the model carefully to see how I have answered each question in full sentences with an explanation because  I expect you to do the same Year 5!

Step 2

First, before you complete your task, you will need to read up to page 7 of Alice in Wonderland to familiarise yourself with the characters so far.


As you read the following pages below, think carefully about who your favourite character is. Do you have more than one?


First, write the date and LC in your blended learning book.


Then, answer the character questions using what you have read so far of the Alice in wonderland story.


Number the questions 1 to 4 as you complete each of them.


When you have completed your work, send a picture of it to your teacher on SEESAW!