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Warm up

Write the sentences below.


Add a relative clause to each of them to create more description in the sentence.

Today we are going to be writing a persuasive text and trying to convince the reader why the Ancient Greek civilisation was so amazing.

Step 1

First look at the slide below, As you can see, 2 points have been circled because we are going to be choosing two main points from our plans yesterday. With these points you elaborated on yesterday, you are to right 2 paragraphs of persuasion.

Step 2

Look at the next 2 slides below to remind yourself of the purpose of a persuasion and the audience we are writing to. The 2nd slide reminds us of how to elaborate on the main point of a paragraph.

Step 3

As you can see below, this is going to be the heading of our persuasion text.


These are the 3 main points for the paragraphs. Remember, you are choosing 2. One point for each paragraph.


Your plans are now complete and ready to use with some super talking points on them. 

Step 4

Look below. This is how you are going organise our persuasion text.


It will first need a heading, which has been done for you.


Then, it will need an introduction, which has been done for to magpie.


You are then writing your 2 paragraphs and a conclusion.


Your conclusion only needs to be a short summary of what you have discussed in your paragraph.

Remember to include all the persuasive language features in your paragraphs.


First write the date and LC in your books.


Then, leave a line and write the heading to your persuasive text.


Next, magpie the introduction.


After that, you are going to write your 2 chosen paragraphs. Remember to include sub-headings for them both. 


Finally, write a short paragraph to conclude and summarise the key information discussed in the text.

This is how it should look in your book.


DON'T draw the boxes!

Below are example of the features I would like to see in your writing. These are to help you, so remember to use them.