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Warm up

Read the sentences below to recap on your knowledge of relative clauses.


Remember we use that when we refer to an object.


Remember we use who when we refer to people.

Step 1 

Click on the 'Emotive Language' sub-page below.

Today we are going to be planning a persuasive poster about living in Ancient Greece. The purpose of this text, is to convince the reader why the Ancient Greek civilisation was so amazing and make them want to go back in time and live in it.

Step 2

Look at the next 2 slides below. As you can see, each star represents a main point in a paragraph. In a persuasive text, a paragraph has a main point and the lines are to represent the elaboration of this point. We elaborate on a main point by adding more information whilst using the appropriate language features.

Step 3

Look at the slide below. Read the information to remind yourself of the purpose of a persuasion and the audience a persuasive text is aimed at.

Step 4

Look at the model below. 


First, read the paragraph. As you can see, the main point of this paragraph has been identified at the bottom. This is to show you what the main focus of the paragraph is, if you didn't know already after you had read it.


As you can see on the slide after the paragraph, the plan for this paragraph is shown. The main point of the paragraph has been identified and the ideas for elaborating have been shown.

Step 5

Look at the next 3 slides below. To help you with the planning of your persuasion texts, the main point for each of the 3 paragraphs you are going to writing have been provided for you. It is for you to decide how you are going to elaborate on these further.


As you can see, there are 3 sub-pages below. These will take you to a website with information about the main point of each of your 3 paragraphs.


For each paragraph, you are to use the information from these websites and choose three key pieces of information as your elaboration.


Ancient Greek achievements = 3 elaboration.


Ancient Greek daily life = 3 elaboration.


Ancient Greek warriors = 3 elaboration.

If you are at home, write the main points as sub-headings, then write the 3 elaborations below on a new line for each.


When finished, send a picture of your work to your teacher on SEESAW!