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Warm up

Read the sentences below. As our focus this week has been proof reading, can you identify what needs correcting in each sentence?

Today we are going to be writing a short letter of persuasion. Think back to yesterday when we were looking at the features of a persuasive text. We are going to try and include all of these features in our letters today.

Step 1

First, lets remind ourselves about the audience a persuasive text is aimed at and its purpose. Read the information on the slide below.

Step 2

Look at the slide below. It is important a paragraph within a persuasive text has a main point, you then as the author elaborate on this point to put across your argument to the reader.


For example, if the text was a about deforestation, after the introduction, the main point of the first paragraph could be about 'animals and their habitats'. The author would then elaborate on this point and explain why animals and their habitats are being affected within the paragraph.

Step 3

This is going to be the main point for our paragraph today, because we are writing to Mrs Davison to persuade her to let us finish early and have an extra day off.

Step 4

As you can see below, the main point has been identified and then elaborated on with three reasons to support the main point.


Can you think of any more?

Step 5

Look at the model below. As you can see the introduction has been done for you. This introduces the reader to your argument and captures their attention. It tells the reader Who? What? Where? and When?


First, write the date and LC in your blended learning book.


Then, set out your letter correctly with the address of the school in the top right corner of your page. The red line is to show you where your name goes.


Next, magpie the first part of the letter and the introduction.


Then, you are going continue the letter and write one paragraph to try and persuade Mrs Davison to give you an extra day off, because of the how hard you have worked in the Autumn term.

Remember to include all the features below to convince the reader of your argument. There is also a word bank below to help you with your sentences.


If you at home, write the date and LC in your blended learning books and complete the task.


When finished, send a picture of your work to your teacher on SEESAW!