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Warm up

Read the paragraph below. As our warm up focus for this week is using our proof reading strategies, look for errors in the paragraph below that need correcting.

Today we are going to be planning a play script based on a scene from the story of Macbeth. We are going to focusing on the scene after King Duncan has been murdered. The scene takes place in the courtyard.

Step 1

Read the 4 slides below.


These are to remind you of the features that you would see in a play script.


Read the information carefully because this will help prepare you for when you are writing your own.

Step 2

Look at the model below. 


For the model, I have used a different scene to the one you are going to be focusing on.


First, I read through a part from the story and identified the characters that were in the scene.


Then, I identified the setting of the scene.


Finally, I identified what each character in the scene is saying. It is important that you include all the dialogue that the character says.


Your turn now Year 5!


You are going to be planning your play script using this part of the story that you see below.


To help you, I have identified the characters in this scene.


You are going to complete your play script plan in your English book. First, write the date and LC and remember you are going to be using the same method as we did in the model.


Remember your sub-headings.


If you are at home, complete the task in your blending learning book.


What it should look like in your book


Monday 7th December

LC: To plan a play script based on a story.


The characters in this scene are:



The setting is:



Character name                                                              What is said

When finished, send a picture of your work to your teacher on SEESAW!