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Warm up

Write the sentences out below. Once you have written both the sentences, add commas to each of them in order to clarify meaning.


Think about how the meaning of the sentence changes when a comma or commas are added in the correct place.


1. Are you really going to eat Grandpa?


2. Can you change what the old lady collected by adding commas?

Today we are going to be taking on the role of a character and learning how to read a playscript. You are going to rehearse a scene from a playscript and perform your chosen scene in small groups.

Step 1

Watch the clip below. Just like yesterday, as you watch, write down a list of characters that appear in this scene.


Think about who is talking and if there are any stage directions.

Step 2

Watch the 2nd clip below.


This video explains what a play is.


Pay close attention because you might be able to magpie some tips to help to you with your acting skills.


Read the information on the slide.

Step 3

Watch the 3rd clip below.


This video explains how to write a play.


Like we discussed yesterday, every play, movie and tv program will have a script for some to read off and learn.


Read the information on the slide.

Step 4

Now watch your teachers perform this short playscript.


Watch and listen. 


How do they change their voice when a character is talking?

How are they acting and why?


With the playscript your group has been given, you are going to have 15 minutes to rehearse this.


After that, you are going to perform your group's scene in order, one by one.


Let's see your acting skills.

If you are at home, you are going to performing the scene below on you own. 


Read the playscript as each character in a mirror. Can you change your voice for each character?