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Warm up

Write the sentences out below. Once you have written both the sentences, add commas to each of them in order to clarify meaning.


Think about how the meaning of the sentence changes when a comma or commas are added in the correct place.

Today we are going to be writing an alternative ending to a scene from the story of Macbeth. This is going to help us when we write our playscripts next week, so remember to include dialogue.

Step 1

Read the text below from the story of Macbeth. For our alternative ending to this scene, we are going to be focusing on when Macbeth goes to kill King Duncan.


We are going to be writing an alternative ending from where the text ends below.

Step 2

Look at the example that have been done for you to choose from. You don't have to choose one of these endings, you can think of and write your own.


Which one do you think is the most exciting?

Step 3


Look at the steps to success below. I would like to see at least one example of each of these features in your writing.


If you need reminding about these features, there are examples of them below to help you.

Look below at the steps to success. To be successful in your writing, I would like you to include all the features we have learned and discussed in year 5 so far. Look at the examples below of each of them to remind you:


fronted adverbial

In the evening, King Duncan stood to give a toast before the mighty feast.


relative clause (embedded)

Lady Macbeth, who was anxious, pulled Macbeth to one side for a conversation.


'ed' opener

Devastated by the crime he had committed, Macbeth burst frantically into his room covered in the king's blood.


simile starter

Like a mouse, Macbeth crept quietly up the stairs towards Duncan's bedchamber.


action and dialogue

Banquo stopped and stood rooted to the floor. "What is that noise Fleance?" he exclaimed.

"It's Macbeth father," replied Fleance as he placed his hand on Banquo's shoulder to calm him.


subordinate and main clauses

After the feast was overBanquo and his son Fleance decided to go for a walk on the castle walls.


expanded noun phrases

delicious food

sharp, bloody dagger

Step 4

Read the model below.


When I wrote the model, after each sentence, I looked back at the steps to success to see if I could use a different feature.


As you can see in the model below I have used all of the features from the steps to success in my paragraph. Can you identify them?


Can you do the same?


You are now ready to write your paragraph.


Write an alternative ending to the scene we have read above.


Check your steps to success throughout your writing.


If you are at home, complete the task in your blended learning book.


When finished, send a picture of your paragraph to your teacher on SEESAW!

Could you include any of these adjectives in your paragraph?