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Warm up

Write the sentences out below. Once you have written both the sentences, add commas to each of them in order to clarify meaning.


Think about how the meaning of the sentence changes when a comma or commas are added in the correct place.


1. Is there a relative clause to be exposed?


2. Would the sheep really call the farmer?

Today we are going to be writing and following stage directions. Stage directions help the reader and the character with their actions when performing. They explain how a character is feeling at that point in the story or provide a direction for the character to move in.

Step 1

Watch the clip below to remind ourselves of how a play is written. We are going to be writing part of a playscript today so watch carefully.


Read the information on the slide.

Step 2

Read the information on the slide below. This will remind us about the feature of stage directions and it purpose.

Step 3

Can you identify the stage directions in the slide below?


What clues are there to tell us that it is a stage direction?


Have a go!

Step 4

Look at the playscript below. You are going to role play this conversation with the person you are sat next to. Remember to perform the stage directions.


But first, your teacher is going to show you!


If you are at home, role play this conversation in a mirror or with someone in your house.


First, write the setting description out in your books so the reader knows where the play in taking place.


Next, with the person next to you, decide which of you is saying which part of the playscript. As you write the playscript, write your name on the line so the reader knows who is talking.


As you can see there are no stage directions. With the person sat next to you, create stage directions for your playscript.


When your task is complete, perform the playscript together. Don't forget to perform your stage directions.


If you are at home, choose yourself and someone who is at home for your characters and perform the playscript with them when it is complete.

What it should look like in your book


Wednesday 2nd December

LC: To write and follow stage directions.


It is a cold morning...




___________: Ooh it's so cold...

When you have finished your task, send a picture of your work to your teacher on SEESAW!