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Warm up

Write the sentences out below. Once you have written both the sentences, add commas to each of them in order to clarify meaning.


Think about how the meaning of the sentence changes when a comma or commas are added in the correct place.


1. Would you really help a burglar?


2. Would a pupil tell the teacher they are in detention?


Today we are going to be looking at the features of a playscript in more detail. You are going to be identifying these important features in a playscript.

Step 1

Watch the video clip below.


As you watch the video, write down a list of characters that appear in the clip.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party.mp4

Still image for this video

Step 2

Now think back to Friday's lesson. 


Can you remember any of the features that we would see in a playscript?


You have 30 seconds to talk to the person next to you.


If you are at home, have a think yourself.

Step 3

Read the information on the next 5 slides.


The information on these slides gives you examples of each feature and describes their purpose. So read the information carefully.


You are going to be provided with a playscript. Your task is to underline the features in this playscript in a specific colour.


The colours for each feature are shown below.



Clue: If you need reminding about a feature of a playscript, use the slides above to help you understand.

If you are at home, your task will be sent to you to complete on SEESAW!