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Warm up

Re-write the sentences below. Add dialogue to them and punctuate these correctly, using inverted commas.


Think about the actions that Mr Broadleday and Mrs Foolat are performing. What might they both be saying as they perform these actions.



Today we are going to be identifying the features of playscripts. We are going to be reading some examples. With these examples, we are going to be identifying which story the are from.

Step 1

We are going to read through the information below on the slides. This provides us with information about the key features that we see in a playscript.


It is important that you take time to read through each feature to help you understand them.

Step 2

Look at the model below. Read through the script using different voices for each character.


Can you guess what story this play comes from? 


Check the 'Model answer' star to see if you were correct.

Task 1

Read through the playscripts 1, 2 and 3. Just like the model, identify which story the playscript come from. Write you answer in the purple box.


Task 2

Write the missing character's names on the dotted line on playscripts (just like the model answer).


The playscripts will be sent to you on SEESAW! Use the text to write your answers on SEESAW!


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Still image for this video

Playscript 1


Playscript 2
Playscript 3