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Warm up

For your warm today, you are going to be adding action to the dialogue below.


Write the two examples of dialogue out in your blended learning book and finish each of them off with an action.


Think about what action each character could be doing whilst speaking.


Today, we are going to be writing the first two paragraphs of the 'Daggers for King Duncan' scene. This is going to be completed independently in your blended learning books.


Remember to indent when you start a new paragraph.

Step 1

Look at the plot below, paragraph 3 and 4 in the plot have been crossed out to remind us that we are focusing on paragraph 1 and 2. 


The plot below tells us what events are happening in the 1st and 2nd paragraph, so look at the plot carefully before you start writing. 


Your plans from yesterday are going to be very important because this will help you understand when and who is talking throughout the paragraph.

Step 2

Click on the link above to get he video open in front of you. To help cement your understanding of what happens and which characters are talking in paragraph 1, watch the video from the start to 1:40.

Step 3

The video should be open on your device. To help cement your understanding of what happens and which characters are talking in paragraph 2, watch the video from the 1:40 to 3:28.

Step 4

Look below at the steps to success. To be successful in your writing, I would like you to include all the features we have learned and discussed in year 5 so far. Look at the examples below of each of them to remind you:


fronted adverbials

In the evening, King Duncan stood to give a toast before the mighty feast.


relative clauses (embedded)

Lady Macbeth, who was anxious, pulled Macbeth to one side for a conversation.


'ed' openers

Devastated by the crime he had committed, Macbeth burst frantically into his room covered in the king's blood.


simile starters

Like a mouse, Macbeth crept quietly up the stairs towards Duncan's bedchamber.


action and dialogue

Banquo stopped and stood rooted to the floor. "What is that noise Fleance?" he exclaimed.

"It's Macbeth father," replied Fleance as he placed his hand on Banquo's shoulder to calm him.


subordinate and main clauses

After the feast was over, Banquo and his son Fleance decided to go for a walk on the castle walls.


expanded noun phrases

delicious food

sharp, bloody dagger


You are now ready to start writing paragraphs 1 and 2 of your independent story. Write the date and LC in your blended learning book first. Then you can begin.


Things to remember:

- Proof read each sentences to make sure it has the correct punctuation and makes sense.

- Use different sentence openers and keep checking the steps to success.

- Commas to mark clauses.

- Capital letters and full stops.

- Indent when starting a new paragraph.


What it should look like in your book
When you have finished, send a picture of your writing to your teacher on Seesaw!