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Warm up

Read the sentences below. As you read, identify the relative clause in the sentence.

Today we are going to plot a new story based on the ghost at dinner scene from the story of Macbeth. You are going to change the characters of the story and some important parts of the plot.


This plan will help you when writing your own versions of this part of the story.

Will your main character be a king or a queen and what will they be called?


What will the name of your ghost be and will it be a he or a she?


What will your main character send to get the job done?


How will your ghost act at dinner?

The table below shows a list of Scottish names, both male and female, for you to choose from. There is also examples of what your main character could send to kill his or her enemy. In the last column of the table, you are provided with scenarios to choose from about how your ghost will act at the dinner table.

When you have chosen one from each column, write these down!


Plot your new story in the table below.


In the left column, the word that have been highlighted are to help your understand what needs changing so you can make the story your own.

If you are at home, write the date and LC in your Blended Learning Book. Plot your new story in your book. Leave a line between each part of the story.


Monday 16th November

LC: To plan part of a story based on Macbeth.


Macbeth’s servants returned and told him that Fleance had escaped.


A ghostly figure drifted into the dining room, whilst Macbeth gave his toast.


Macbeth was told to take his seat but the table appeared full.


Macbeth dropped his cup as he saw the ghost of Banquo sitting in his place.


The ghost of Banquo pointed and began to talk to Macbeth. Macbeth was scared.


People were concerned. The ghost remained invisible to everyone except Macbeth.