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Warm up

Add a main clause to the fronted adverbials below so the sentences make perfect sense.

Today we are going to be writing a setting description about the dining room where Macbeth's dinner takes place. 

Look through the next 3 slides below. These are three different castle dining rooms. As you look carefully at each picture, can you think of some expanded noun phrases to describe the room.


Clues: What can you see? What words could you use to describe the room? Is it old? Is there any specific features in the dining room? 










Below is a picture of a dining room that you are going to be describing in your setting description.

Look at the dining room carefully and think about your senses. What can you see? What could you smell? What could you hear? What could you touch?


Write your own setting description about the castle dining room above. Use your senses to describe the room. The model below is to help you. You can magpie some parts but change as much as you can.


To be successful you could include:

Expanded noun phrases

Relative clauses (embedded)

Simile starter

If you are at home, write the date and LC in your Blended Learning book and complete the task.


When you have completed your setting description, send a picture of it to your teacher through your Purple Mash email.

When you have completed your setting description, learn the 2nd paragraph of the story map.


If you are at home, create your own actions.