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Warm up

Read the sentences below and identify the fronted adverbials.

First we are going to read Chapter 2 of the story.


If you are at home, you will find Chapter 2 (Act Two) here on the website. 

Today we are going to be exploring the theme of betrayal across part of the story of Macbeth. As you read, think carefully about what Macbeth's relationship was like with the king. Does the the king trust Macbeth?

Look at the definition below. Can you think of any other stories you have read where betrayal takes place?

Watch the clip from The Lion King. At which point does Scar betray Mufasa? How does he betray Mufasa?

Watch the clip from Frozen. At which point does Prince Han betray Anna? How does he betray Anna?

Watch the clip from Harry Potter. At which point does Snape betray Dumbledore? How does he betray Dumbledore?


An example of your task has been completed for you. Snape has answered this questionnaire about his betrayal of his friend Dumbledore.


Look carefully at how each question has been answered because this will help you complete your task.

Read the 3 pages below. As you read think carefully about Macbeth's relationship with the king. Does the king trust Macbeth and how does Macbeth break this trust and betray him?

Can you verbally explain how Macbeth betrays the king?


Complete the questionnaire in the role of Macbeth. When you answer the questions, make sure you explain. Just like the model.

If you are at home, write the date and LC in your Blended Learning Book. Write the questions out and answer them underneath. Leave a line between questions.